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Sometime in April Fan Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Sometime in April Fan Community

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[12 Dec 2004|12:07am]

sometime in apriL

[11 Oct 2004|10:20am]


sometime in apriL

[06 Oct 2004|07:39am]

sometime in apriL

stretched canvas across my back [02 Oct 2004|10:06am]

[ mood | quixotic ]

yoooo whats up
i was invited to this community about 2 months ago
well yes im finally steppin up to it haha
lets see, my name is derek, im 16, and ive been listenin to them for a year
yea i know thats not that long, but they still rule in my book
i found them on purevolume awhile back once that site just started getting popular and i was like, woah, these guys owwwn
i want their cd badly but im broke
i want to see them live but they never play in mass or rhode island :/
if they ever did come up here where i live, they would be loved bc i spread the word to alottt of people about them
yes so, haha, yea ill try to spread the word to more people

thanks SIA!!

sometime in apriL

[14 Sep 2004|07:38pm]

sometime in apriL

[06 Sep 2004|12:13am]

Erm. I grew up with Evan since I was like 4....His sisters a good friend of mine. And I hung out with Sometime in April at a BBQ tonight because we cool like that.

And Dave was talking about this community.

And Steve does butterfly karate kicks.
3 CMNT for sometime in apriL

[04 Sep 2004|09:50pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

YO, my name is anthony, but my friends call me krug.
I'm new here ofcourse, and I have only been listenign to Sometime in April for about two years. A couple of my friends got me into them and the fucking rock. When I get my lisence I will definatly see more of their shows.

sometime in apriL

[04 Sep 2004|02:00am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

hey there people ... im new .. my name is shannon ... i just thought that i would introduce myself. i met sometime in april through a friend that did a few shows with them. they're awesome guys and im a big fan.

1 CMNT for sometime in apriL

[04 Sep 2004|01:21am]


sign up and vote for
Sometime in April
for HELLFEST <33
2 CMNT for sometime in apriL

[04 Sep 2004|01:08am]

here. CMNT to join <3
fans out there. have fun with
this community.

contact the mod ((emerald__))
on her personal journal.
2 CMNT for sometime in apriL

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